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Parts Judgement

With more than two decades of Aftermarket experience, Quest Informatics brings unmatched experience in spare part management and inventory management. Our spare part engineers have helped fortune 500 companies and large enterprises – efficiently manage their spare parts management system standardize production parts, reduce product variety & replenish older part.

Our experienced engineers have proven expertise in parts verification, parts standardization, parts substitution analysis, identification of common parts, identification of OTC substitutes to realize the economies of scale in procurement and parts information validation, related parts-linking information with service information.

Quest Informatics since its inception has been involved with some of the most successful challenging automotive parts engineering process at OEM level as well at tier-1 and tier- 2 supplier level. Unlike other domains, engineering services require a quick turnaround time, faster response time, manufacturing information, exposure to standards and cost-sensitivity all at one go. We also help clients realize operational efficiency of spare parts fulfillment by aligning global-availability-to-promise including spare parts supersession and substitution, and increase overall visibility of parts fulfillment process.

  • Our Parts engineering services include: