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Aftermarket Transformation

In these volatile times, businesses are being severely tested on multiple fronts. Management structures of the past, unsustainable cost structures and national or regional coverage are unsustainable. Simultaneously digital technologies like cloud, mobile and analytics are revolutionizing the way businesses have run. To be successful, a company should build strategies to fix the challenges and create a revision plan to address the key factors for turnaround.

Because the market environments and product innovation rates differ across industries and the firms in each industry, many different strategies can be adopted to cope up in the lean periods. Product or service offerings, organization, sales process, competitor weakness, exploiting commonality and partner ecosystem must be taken into account to survive and grow in a challenging environment. Business can emerge stronger by onboarding professionals, adopting appropriate governance structures, productize services, create new services and organizations, and expand into newer offerings and markets.

Our consultants use a PSPD framework to assess the current core capabilities that need to be harnessed, resources and activities of low value that may be divested and areas of opportunities that need to be invested and harvested. Business transformation projects involve multi quarter engagements where our consultants not only work hand in hand in designing appropriate strategies, but also walk each step with the clients in implementation.