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Our Engineering service division provides outsourced or insource development, maintenance and integration of parts catalogue, parts information management, parts helpdesk, technical publication in areas like service, owner manuals, image processing, etc.

Automotive Industry

Software solutions are one of the integrated parts of the business especially in the automotive industry, whether you‘re an OEM or an aftermarket product manufacturer, the complexity of the process of taking spare parts or components from idea to execution arises for the need of an Aftermarket ERP to address these problems.

In the Automotive industry, the processes are bound to be slow and steady, more prone to errors and the cost of manufacturing is very expensive. Technicians in the automotive industry bound to spend a considerable amount of time looking for part numbers, while others are waiting for the parts to arrive to perform their work. Finding parts will become a long-haul process as the technician has to look into many systems to find out the exact number for the right parts required.

Implementing an electronic parts catalogue gives direct updates to the suppliers regarding parts number and makes it as a simplified interface for product search and information updates. It effectively manages version of the parts and controls catalogue change management.

Another major problem which many of the OEM’s face for a long period of time is document mismanagement. Mismanagement of vital documents which contains critical information like product specs, CAD drawings might lead to limitation in productivity and affects the profit of the organization. Henceforth,technical documentscontaining vital information must be documented properly and should be easily accessible as and when it is required.

Construction Equipments

The construction industry constitutes a diverse ecosystem which includes tradesman, who face both commercial and residential end customers. But the basic challenge lies along the areas cost control, productivity, field connection which still continues to challenge builders, suppliers, contractors and other members of the ecosystem.

Unlike other industries, manufacturing and production of construction equipment industry are very expensive and solutions which can reduce the turnaround time for any process might make a huge change in their revenue and profits. With the lack of skilled workers are going down each and every day, manufacturers and dealers of OEM are finding it very difficult to measure the performance of their service process every day. Several studies indicate that Bad Customer service always results in huge losses. This has resulted in Business leaders asking their field service managers to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction while maintaining safety and quality. It is necessary for any organization to implement field service management software and apps that integrate into daily operations. Implementing a field service management will help the construction industry to optimize events, manage job specific parameters such as licensed and certified labour at job sites.

An ideal field service management solution should be GPS enabled to keep a track the location of service engineers. The most important factor that drives the adoption of field service management software is the next generation of workers who would require automated process and avoid paperback data.FSM won’t be an add on in the construction industry, it will be a move to cloud and real time technology that every player in the construction industry should incorporate and should be an integral part of any service business.

Mining Industry

Mining has been perceived as one industry, but in real it is a collection of industries with different supply and demand requirements. Companies that mine iron, coal are completely different have entirely different set of procedures from the companies that mine metals and stones. Mining companies look for innovation in business offering which includes implementation of new business tools, software tools and automation tools etc. Driverless trucks and other forms of automation allow miners to set up remote operations enhancing safety and efficiency. The sensors use a wide range of factors from tire pressure to road conditions.

Innovation in mining industry requires the devotion of financial resources and mechanisms to attract the people and deploy people with the right skill at the right time also should provide all necessary learning and training modules, specialized softwares and techniques for innovation.

Real changes in mining industry happen across over a period of time, which is why it is imperative to take a long-term view towards solving societal issues to benefit the business. To ensure that all problems are addressed, in-depth consultations with all stakeholders should be facilitated with all third parties. Irrespective of the tasks being to manufacture, maintain, build or install in support of the mining industry , Atarw Mining ERP understands that there are complex set of projects to choose, reduce the operational cost wherever possible, designed to work along the organizational policies and fulfills the need of various departments of the organization every day.

Agriculture Machinery

With new practices in the area of agriculture introduced every day, the need for latest agricultural equipment are on the rise and equipment sales are expected to increase larger than ever. The agricultural equipment industry is a highly capital intensive sector, more prone to rapidly change prices on demand due to revenue generated by farming, commodity prices, forex rates and strength of farming balance sheet. Experts predict that agricultural equipment and part sales will increase and companies need to focus on their aftermarket sales.

While dealers around the world are concentrating on selling the wholesale goods, a large portion of the dealers’ service will focus on setting up new equipment and manage their warranty claims. Equal approach and balance should be given to new equipment sales and to the spare parts of the old equipment. Dealer must perform a complete Store Audit to determine if his store has been utilized to the maximum.

For many agricultural equipment manufacturers, the product unit sales do not support full-time assembly for each product. To maximize the utilization of operations and capacity, changeovers are required for total different set of products. Atarw’s ERP includes scheduling, data collection, and dispatch summary which are essential to optimize the revenue and after sales for any agricultural equipment manufacturer.

Cargo Machinery

We live in an era where there are increasing expectations and complexity. Travel and transportation companies require smart strategies to improve their organizational efficiency. Many organizations are finding great value in their aftermarket services. To accomplish new growth and rethink customer interactions, organizations should adopt innovative business models, streamline operations and scale the business to meet future demands.

Organizations that have a large fleet of vehicles of different types that would need require solutions that can track, schedule and communicate and respond in real-time. Atarw offers field service management solutions which provide visibility into field and fleet operations so businesses can streamline efficiency and increase productivity. It combines real time GPS tracking, scheduling, dispatch, RFID, field and back office processing and analytics to help you deliver high-quality, on-time service while reducing costs, improving performance and ensuring delightful customers.

Quickly and easily register a service order related to the current object. Manager delegates service orders to the appropriate technician who executes the order and supply information about the case and any used parts etc. The service order is automatically transferred to your ERP-system for billing.

Atarw’s Solutions empower industries of any size to optimize the management of their vehicles and drivers or mobile technicians with software products customized to suit your organizations’ needs.

Electrical/Home Appliances

Industry experts project that the global market for Electric household appliances is projected to reach around 1.5 billion units by 2020. These are solely driven by technology innovations, resulting obsolesce and higher demand for replacement of older parts. Smart appliances forecast to hold the strong potential for the future growth, especially against a growing emphasis on reduced energy consumption. All running appliances come with certain costs. From regular maintenance to repairs and replacement, some common expenses are considered by all users for major household appliances.

An average household today uses about 10-15 appliances and there is constant innovation in these sector will lead to new products introduced in the market every day. Therefore the company should have a updated spare parts informationand necessary learning documents available for all technicians to complete their jobs at ease.Atarw’s e-learning portal helps service engineers’ access to all critical information, which helps them to reduce their turn around time to service the machines and improves efficiency.

In this era almost every product is either sold globally or reaches users who speak a different language. If the product is sold globally as a product, standard manual translation is required so that technicians can be trained to obtain parallel working knowledge of the product. Atarw has an expert team of translators who are proficient in translating these learning materials across all languages.

Elevators And Excavators

The elevator service business will continue to witness many changes in the upcoming years. Increase in market competition has paved many organizations to couple with relentless costs which have resulted in unprecedented squeeze on sales figures. Many service providers have restructured their service programs to eliminate the major problems before they arise. Therefore certain spare parts need to be replaced in the final stages of their life-cycle.

Incorporating a mobile –integrated service management driven by analytics driven Parts Lifecycle management system will provide the necessary steps required by the organization to minimize the critical faults which arise from their customers. Implementation of a Spare Parts Judgment system addresses many concerns, customer needs and organizational requirements. Spare part judgments has become one of the industry standards implemented by many organization to delight their customers.

Atarw technologies advanced models are applied to real-time remote monitoring data, the integrated Field Service Management will provide holistic management of data intuitively providing the organization with a variety of actionable predictions, actions required for the next service, including failure predictions. A well-developed fully integrated Field Service Management platform fills the entire gap and fulfills the service business landscape paving way for implementation of a successful, profitable Service program.