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We at Quest Informatics Solutions are a one stop shop for our clients on aftermarket. We were clearly focused on “aftermarket” domain and built our products, services and solutions looking at current and emergent challenges of the market. Because of which our products fit almost 90% of all aftermarket needs thereby reducing the time to implement and cost of customization.

What clients get is best of breed aftermarket products that are proven their mettle for diverse industry applications. Moreover, we offer complete flexibility if our offerings. Our complete offering may be deployed on premise or Cloud, Mobile or other Devices and interface with legacy systems. There is no lock-in and clients can enhance and extend feature as the markets and technologies change.

OTC, Service Level Analytics

Monitor dealer OTC, service level and other KPI's.

Multi-Currency & Multilingual

Personalize and Associate user with their preferred language.


Seamless OEM and dealer process including parts, service, sales, tools, EPC, reman, warranty.


Attach any type of document for parts enquiry, quotation and sales order, purchase, job card, warranty

Configure Discount & Tax

Manage Tax and discount for part level or invoice level (on total value).

Mobile App

Mobile app, easy to access from anywhere. Check nearest call, parts availability, status updates, approvals, etc


  • High Visibility
  • Accurate Forecasting and Planning
  • Easy to interface with other systems
  • Insightful Reports
  • Smart approvals/escalations

Chassis Unique & Model Based

Maintain model and chassis based catalogue in single system. Search on model and chassis number.

Dynamic Search

Option to search by part/ assembly, description, serial number specific, model , superseding/ preceding part.

Copy Feature

Option to copy assembly to assembly (with illustration), entire catalogue - model level (with illustrations).

Shopping Basket

Create & save shopping cart, add part to shopping cart from part list/ illustration, by region selection from illustration, by searching part number, show recommended part quantity of parts. Export parts order in excel/PDF or email.

Linking of External Media

Link information to assembly, model level. Possible file format PDF, video, flash files, HTML, URL’s.

Illustration & Hot Spot

Support multiple assembly versions, different options like image zoom, thumbnail, change orientation. Automatic and manual hotspot. Different hotspot shape & color ( round, rectangle).


  • Easy to interface with ordering system.
  • Reduced catalogue creation cost and time.
  • Easy to search parts and assembly via web.
  • Reusability of assemblies, easy to handle supersessions.
  • Linking of service manuals and technical document with assembly.
  • Effectively manage versioning control & catalogue change management.

Mobile Features

  • Option to view calls which are allocated to individuals
  • Check for parts and its stock availability
  • Option to update job card activity and track through GPS
  • Update job card details with operation, parts, service and other details
  • Dashboard with summary on machine status, job card activity summary, service request and job card summary

Helpdesk Features

  • One Module for all issues like Parts, Service, Remanufacturing, Sales, Warranty, Rental, Finance, Break Down or any complaints of customer.
  • Which will enable to reduce repeated calls and also it can be used for improvement of process, resources and measurements.
  • Tracking calls with touch of a button, Find status, pending cases duration with associated people, activity wise time clocked with associated people.
  • Experts can build questions to enable users and guide them to give solution or ask relevant questions pertaining to customer complaints.

CSA/AMC Features

  • Job card gives complete details on Parts used, Labour, sundry, travel, resources and other costs.
  • Monitoring response and resolution time is easy and automatic escalation on failure of meeting set KPI levels.
  • System calculates Average tonnage and Target tonnage reading for component replacement.
  • Monitor and report your machine uptime and down time on monthly basis.
  • System proposes production planning based on the trend of demand and supply.

Service Features

  • Option to attach and print checklist for operations or service types.
  • Service Contract or Agreement, Service Schedules (Preventive or regular), option to add different types of agreements.
  • Complete Customer History and Service call Details across Products.
  • Track component life cycle based on replacement and usage.

Tools Features

  • Tool master with tools image, warranty, schedules, applicability, movement history, supplier, price, stock, attachments, BOM.
  • Tools purchase planning and approval based on tools utilization/movement/yearly budgetary approvals.
  • Option to block tools and validate against any issues or purchase.

Float Features

  • Complete Purchase Process with valuation of Float stock.
  • Transferring from one place to another along with current location.
  • Allocation of ownership of float stock and history of ownership changes.

Reman Features

  • FG planning with Core stock details, BOM Stock details, based on confirmation, automatic Job Order is created.
  • Purchase planning based on EOQ method and based on confirmation automatic supplier specific purchase order is created.
  • Track receivable core against exchange part with lead time analysis.
  • Track core, material, job order and receivables from each renovator.
  • Configure Inspection, quality checklist against each core and update status during inspection.
  • Configure with/without serial number for each core and calculate cost accordingly.


  • One system to manage entire spares, repair and maintenance activity.
  • Single Dashboard to track project profitability.
  • Multiple sites can be configured in one system.
  • Prediction for new proposal for contract renewals.
  • All types of notifications, reminders information, and ticket information can be sent through SMS/Email, using third party facility.

Production Planning

Finished goods planning with failed part stock details, BOM stock details. Based on confirmation, automatic job order is created.

Purchase Planning

Purchase planning based on EOQ method and based on confirmation automatic supplier specific purchase order is created.

Eligibility Account

Track receivable failed part against exchange part with lead time analysis.

Lead Time Monitoring

Define part wise, supplier wise, core wise, manufacture lead time and calculate average lead time against actuals.

Consumption Pattern

Define consumption % for each part in BOM, for operations and measure actuals and apply correction factor during planning.

With/Without Serial

Configure with/without serial number for each core and calculate cost accordingly


  • Complete remanufacturing handling.
  • Core Management.
  • Workshop Management.
  • Process Management and Process checklist.
  • Finished Goods Inventory Management.

Multiple Modes to Register Call

Register service call by phone, email, SMS or via customer portal. Quick call intimation via email and SMS.

Always be in Touch

Enables service team to be in touch with customer and service engineers or technical team always in constant touch. It could be through e-mail of SMS.

Engineers Skill Set Matrix

Right resource for right job at right time (Auto proposal from system).

Engineer Visibility

Visibility of resource availability through personal calendar. Activity update from site location with recording of GPS coordinates.

Service Scheduling

Schedule services for warranty or annual maintenance contract (preventive or regular) service schedules using different rules

Service History

Scientific management of customer service call and machine service history.


  • Realtime Visibility of service
  • Optimise resources
  • Realize First-time-right service delivery
  • Drive part sales revenue
  • Actionable analysis & reports
  • Smart approvals/escalations
  • Customer delight, managed response & resolution time

Single Point of Contact

Centralized parts, service, remanufacturing, sales, warranty, rental, finance, or compliant


Quick and fast call registration, customer SMS

Fast & Smart Search Engine

search faster and smoother

Root Cause Analysis

Identify causes and devise improvement strategies

Knowledge base

Build call resolution repository

Visibility of Calls

360 degree tracking of calls status, pending with whom, and why analysis


  • Track Ageing
  • High Visibility of customer tickets
  • Streamlined process/workflow
  • Effectively manage escalations.
  • Monitor response & resolution time
  • SLA monitoring

Training Program

Manage e-learning and non e-learning program , define your own program , content and structure.

Content Management

Configure chapters, section, topics with time duration . Share content across the program. Effectively manage content version.


Pre and post assessment for e-learning program. Provision to enter manual assessment. Define cut off and grading percentage.


Competency development life cycle (CDLC) definition based on the role (designation, function area & experience) or apply automatically based on user experience and track individual progress.

Question Bank

Topic wise question bank, random selection of the question bank for each evaluation, category of questions (easy, medium, complex).


Publish training and trainer calendar. Auto and manual nomination. Nomination & cancellation notification.


  • Easy to maintain contents.
  • Real time data for planning.
  • Uniform systematic way of training.
  • Refreshing courses to keep user intact.
  • Reward employees and encourage, increase hit rate.
  • Centralized training program and control on schedules.

Tools Utilization & Forecast

Tools purchase planning based on tools utilization/movement/ yearly budgetary approvals.

Asset Tracking

Track tools which are provided based on loan, non returnable, stock transfer - etc.

Automated Information Technology

Technologies like bar code, QR code, RFID can be incorporated to hasten up the process.

Calibration/Maintenance Schedule

Option to configure with/without serial number. Each serial number with different calibration / maintenance dates.

Handling Depreciation

Association of number of years, based on percentage and show current value.


Tools availability status , due for calibration, scrap approvals , stock adjustment approvals.


  • Tools status summary, planning.
  • Online data to take quick decisions.
  • Analyze availability of tools for new models.
  • History of stock transfers, issues on single click.
  • Visibility on tools movement across multiple locations.
  • Easy to track overall inventory of tools & equipment’s.

TAMS Features

  • Clock In and Clock Out Information
  • Lunch Time Intimation
  • Based on Clock in and Clock Out, Lunch Break, ETO, Regular Time, Overtime, double time
  • employee Timesheet can be generated.
  • Switch User option for kiosks
  • Employee Activity Tracking
  • Employee Tracking based on nearest router
  • Permissions Management
  • Individual calendars
  • Automatics Intimations on Email and SMS
  • Weekly Monthly adjustments by managers
  • Multiple Activity Tracking
  • Dashboard for Clock in and Clock out and multiple job selections
  • Dynamic configuration for shifts, tasks, employees, etc
  • Interface to Payroll Systems

Tools purchase planning based on tools utilization/movement/ yearly budgetary approvals.


  • Ease of access through various systems across all workforce levels
  • Greater understanding into workforce availability and engagement
  • Ease of getting information with automated TAMS system
  • Streamlining processes related to me info, records, payment etc.
  • Single application for multiple work floors

OTC Features

  • System has a Centralized Order Management
  • Shopping cart Integration is done
  • Wallets and Payment Gateway is Integrated
  • Customer have option to search by Part Number or Serial Number and Model Number
  • Customer can track orders status, download Invoices
  • Credit Management is also available in the system
  • Offers and News can also be highlighted to customer based on Country, State and Regions
  • Inquiry option to order for parts without part numbers
  • Mobile parts ordering is also integrated


  • User friendly system
  • One stop order upload and tracking page
  • Credit, Cash Cheque, Telegraphic Transfers are Integrated for payment management
  • Integration to ERP systems

WMS Features

  • Production Plan Vs Available Inventory - Real time information in few seconds
  • Mobile App for Kitting Parts in Warehouse
  • Guided Navigation to Parts Location
  • Hands free mobility
  • Barcode finger wearable scanner integrated


  • Paper less kitting process
  • No wrong part pick errors
  • Real-time information of available inventory in different stage
  • Digital transformation towards Industry 4.0
  • No training on warehouse binning needed for new resources
  • Increased Productivity and Savings of man-hours